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Forest School Sessions for Home Educated Children


Our new Home Education groups are perfect for children who love the outdoors! These sessions are for children who are educated at home. 

Our experienced forest school leaders plan exciting sessions, incorporating a variety of skills from tool work, den building, camp fires and much more! 

Our home Education groups are based at Wood Lane Countryside Centre, Stannington, S6 5HE. With close access to Loxley Valley and Rivelin Valley, as well as our impressive grounds, we have endless opportunities to learn about the environment around us, and get connected with the natural world. 

We offer a range of sessions, including half day and full day sessions, and also mixed age groups to cater for sibling groups. Details of our sessions are below: 

Children aged 5 -11 years (Mixed Age ranges): 

Monday Mornings 9am-12pm 

Monday Afternoons 1pm-4pm 

£15 per child 

Drinks and Snacks provided 

Block bookings available 

Term time 

Sibling Discounts available 

Children aged 8-11 years: 


Tuesdays 9.30-3.30. 

£30 per Child 

Drinks and Snacks available 

Please provide a packed lunch

Block bookings available 

Term Time 

Sibling Discounts Available 

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For more information on our Home Education groups please contact Charlotte at 

To book onto one of our sessions, please visit our shop! 


Education for Schools

Explore, Excite, Educate

Our Aim 

Our aim is to provide children with the opportunity to explore and learn through the great outdoors. Exposing young children to nature enhances their holistic development, as well as creating a generation that cares and understands for the environment. 

What is Forest Schools?  

Forest School is a unique way of promoting learning in children. It focuses on the child's needs rather than the child's ability, which makes it accessible to any child of any ability, language, race or ethnicity. The beauty of nature is that it is a universal language and it can speak out to everybody and touch everyone in a unique way. Forest School provides access to the outdoors, giving the opportunity to explore risks, challenge emotions and push personal boundaries. Forest School does this by providing unique experiences that children may not usually have access to. 

Examples of key experiences are: 

- Being fully immersed in nature 

- Observing wildlife, mini beasts and living creatures in their natural habitat

- Observing changes and rhythms in nature, for example seasons, weather and sounds 

- Enhancing physical ability through challenging surroundings, for example climbing over obstructions, uneven terrain, tree climbing etc. 

- Being exposed to natural elements, promoting resilience, stamina and understanding of own personal needs. 

- Getting close to nature, gaining understanding of life cycles, habitats, species of animals, plants and trees. 

- Providing space to explore and encourage imaginative play, enhancing language and social skills. 

 - Developing a community of respect, for the environment, the world and each other. 

- Providing opportunities to practice new skills, such as using tools, manipulating natural materials, and developing ‘life skills’ that they continue to grow and enhance throughout childhood. 

- Providing ‘risk’ play, giving children the opportunity to assess their own learning and experiences. 

The approach challenges children's social skills and gives them the opportunity to learn more about social interactions and experience a variety of emotions. The way forest school enhances this is by focussing on the process of a child's learning rather than the product. The child is carefully nurtured through the learning process, questioned and given the opportunity to learn how to reflect, helping them to practice complex social and emotional skills from an early stage in their life. This approach gives the child a sense of belonging, and importance. It allows them to see themselves in a different way, focussing on their strengths and their needs.

Our Sessions

Half Day Sessions – 

8.30am – 11.30am, 9am-12pm, or 12.30pm – 3.30pm. 

  Our half day sessions are carefully designed to give children a rich experience in a shorter space of time. The sessions include nature walks, identification of wildlife, woodland craft tool work, fire work, den building and much more. Our base site is perfect for giving children the forest school experience. We can also provide half day sessions on your school site. Our Forest School Leaders can come out to your setting and assess possible areas that Forest School can take place. The key principle is to give children access to nature and the natural world. Our forest school leaders will be able to work with you to ensure your space is well utilised. 

Full Day Sessions – 

9.30am – 3.30pm. (Times can be amended according to school requirement) 

Our full day sessions offer children a full forest school experience, giving them the time and space to explore at their own pace, with less time restrictions. Our base site is located next to Loxley Valley and Rivelin Valley, which is used for our sessions. Our forest school leaders can also assess the space at your school and inform you if a full day session can take place, taking into consideration conservation and environmental sustainability. 

The forest school approach imbeds consistency and routine. Therefore, at The Nature Box Forest School we have a minimum booking 1 half term. This is to provide children with consistent access to nature and be able to extend their exploration and learning throughout the weeks. 

We ask that your staff support our forest school leaders with class management and participate in the sessions. Our Forest school leaders can support your team in continuing learning back at your setting. 

  What we offer… 

· Level 3 Qualified Forest School Leader 

· Forest School First Aider 

· Paediatric First Aider 

· Fully Insured 

· Fun packed sessions 

· Risk assessments completed, and site set up all done for you. 

· Session plans and observations carried out for you to see your children’s progression 

· Feedback sheets given to parents to inform them of their child’s adventures

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